Recycling In Perry County


Drop-Off Locations located throughout Perry County!  Village of Somerset has curbside recycling (see Resource Pg).

Note: Please take large quantities of any materials directly to PerCo to keep from overwhelming drop-off sites.


Materials placed in these trailers or buildings are taken to PerCo Recycling Facility. Once at PerCo, recyclable items are sorted, compressed into bales and sent on to be re-made into new products!!!



All Drop-Off containers are serviced by Perry County Waste Reduction & Recycling in New Lexington



   -Clear & Brown beverage bottles         

*Remove all plastic/metal lids and rings.



  -Milk jugs, pop bottles & other containers with #1 or #2 in recycling triangle near the bottom of container     *Remove all plastic/metal lids and rings.

Aluminum Cans:     

  -Flattening saves space...


Steel Food Cans:

  -All “tin” and steel food cans are accepted
       *Again flattening saves space!

Newspapers, Magazines, Office Paper and Catalogs:

   -Newspapers may be bagged or thrown in loose.
   -Slick, glossy magazines and catalogs are also accepted. Bag glossy separately from non-glossy papers


Corrugated Cardboard and Pasteboard:      

   -All corrugated boxes.  Please flatten boxes to save space!

    Includes cereal boxes, pop boxes and other thin pasteboard materials. 


Placing items in bins that cannot be recycled causes problems and costs money!! 

Thanks for recycling the right way!

Light bulbs, window glass!

-All glass is not created equal!  The glass in these items is not something you want mixed into new glass bottles!


#3-#7 Plastics, plastic toys, etc…

-…other than beverage containers with # 1 or #2 on them!

          Just as brown glass is different from clear glass, a # 5 plastic tub is not the same as a #1 pop bottle… Different types of plastics cannot successfully be merged together into a usable product…

          contamination costs the recycling facility time to sort and can cost them by lowering the price they receive for their finished product. 



-buy what you need, use what you buy, donate what is left! As a last resort, dry it up until -completely hard and dispose of with trash (leave lids off so trash hauler knows it is not liquid!)


Motor Oil

-is accepted at our Ultimate Recycling Days.  Dates vary, but we try to organize two in the spring and two in the fall. Call our office for other options that may be available.

     Hazardous household chemicals can be taken to Environmental Enterprises Inc. in Columbus. Call our office for more information 740-342-7881.

This is what our recycling drop off containers look like in Perry County, Ohio

There are over 21 drop off sites around the county!

See quickie virtual tour of PerCo sort line!

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