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Eco-Tips and Events Calendar

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Monthly Eco-Tips

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Defining REUSE scholarship

Community Programs:

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Waste Reduction Challenge... it's it's called the
The Green School Challenge!

All schools in Perry County are challenged to participate!  Let's see who can reduce their waste the most throughout the school year, leading up to Earth Day, April 22nd! 

1.  Score your entry on honor system

2.  Conduct waste audit (see here for instructions)

3.  Create an "Express your 3R Self" TikTok entry

4.  Create exhibit for 2022 Earth Day Celebration

                                         See below for instructions!

5.  Submit entry on or before April 15, 2022!

Each school is challenged to investigate the status of wasteful habits in their building.  Investigate a sample of trash! Put into 3 categories: recyclable, compostable (food & liquid waste) and true trash (the waste that truly belongs in the trash). Use scientific method, lab safety, draw conclusions, identify any problems, propose solutions and create a plan to move toward solving any identified problems.  During the school year students can make efforts to raise awareness and reduce wasteful habits within their school building! Move your school to the next level!  Be COOL and be a GREEN School!

Win Cash Grant for your school!

Compost Experiment!

We work with the 4th grade doing this project.  Each student is assigned to bring in 3 trash items to contribute to the experiment; examples of all items brought in on that day are placed in the portable "compost pile"; Hallie brings in a bag of leaves, grass and weeds to layer into the pile (because that is what belongs in a compost pile along with left over fruit and vegetable scraps); because this is an EXPERIMENT all items are accepted into the pile, including glass, metal, plastic and paper items; we want to make it extra interesting and see what happens!
Everything gets recorded, then students make predictions based on what they know about decomposers and organic material; perhaps we will observe some changes of matter by spring?

We offer a worm composting project to 2nd grade.  Students construct observation columns to hold one with worms and one without, then manage the columns throughout the school year allowing students to make observations, record data and learn more about worms in vermiculture!

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