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Resources for Hard to Recycle Items


Here are options, to the best of our knowledge, that use sustainable and ethical business practices

(updated 03/20/17)

Question where and how materials are recycled at end of use to demand manufacturer responsibility for purchased products.

Somerset Curbside Service Accepted Materials:

  • Colored glass bottles

  • Plastic bottles, jugs and tubs

  • Paper, boxboard, cardboard

  • Metal- aluminum, steel

Somerset Residents for more information, contact

Resources for Recycling Devices/Chemicals

 *It's always important to remember to call before to verify that they do properly recycle and accept before you arrive*


Goodwill Industries

TRD Recycling, Pataskala (visit website for TV details)

Best Buy (visit website for TV recycling details)


you can visit the following sites

Ink Cartridges

New Lexington Middle School

Holy Trinity School


Best Buy

Goodwill Industries

Cell Phones

New Lexington Middle School

Holy Trinity School

Perry County Veterans

Perry County Waste Reduction & Recycling


Best Buy

Used Oil 

Northern Local School District Bus Garage

Perry County Engineer Office

Boley's Tractor Repair

*For Used Oil businesses can contact Environmental Specialists Inc for service info: (740)404-6209*

Used Tires

Most businesses that offer maintenance for your vehicle will recycle your old tires for a small fee.

Contact your local businesses for the exact pricing per tire.

Car Batteries

Most Auto Parts stores will recycle your used, old, or otherwise dead car batteries.

They may also add a credit towards a new one.

Call your local stores to find out more information.

Here are some other local businesses that will take them:

Perry Scrap Yard

Batteries Unlimited

Household Batteries

Battery drop-offs (BIG GREEN BOX)**
SEE BELOW & Locations tab for details

Another local business that will recycle these:

Batteries Unlimited

Surge Protectors/Battery Backups 

Perry County Waste Reduction & Recycling Office

Goodwill Industries will also accept these.

Plastic Grocery Bags

Each local grocery store in our area has a drop-off bins, here are a few:

Kroger, Wal-Mart, Target, Kohl's, Lowe's, etc.

Old Eye Glasses

Anywhere that has a Lion's Club Drop-Off box.
Locally there are a few places with these drop off boxes:

New Lexington (Dr. Dittoe, Goodwill Industries, Library, Ogdens, Robert-Winegardner Funeral Home)
Somerset (Kesslers)
Thornville (PNC Bank, Pharmacy)
Glenford (Elementary School)


We recommend to buy what you need, use all of what you buy; 

give away the rest if you don't wish to store it.

If no good to give away, please let it dry completely, then dispose with regular trash.


Metal & Bulbs

*Markets change, so always call ahead before visiting the businesses to verify they are accepting the materials listed below

Scrap Metal and Non-Freon Appliances

Metal and Freon Appliances

Many stores take your old appliances when the new one is delivered,

it's always best to double check before hand.

Compact Florescent Bulbs

Businesses like Lowe's and Home Depot can recycle these materials for you, always call ahead to make sure.

Tube Florescent Bulbs

**Program ends 1-31-22**

Perry County Recycling Center only accepts 4' & 8' tubes

Businesses Only

If you're a business and need bulbs disposed please contact:

Ask your local businesses who sell same types of bulbs for recycling options they may offer customers.

For waste disposal you can also call Environmental Enterprises 


Perry Scrap Yard

4161 St Rt 13 NE

New Lexington, Ohio



1425 Ety Pointe Dr.

Lancaster, Ohio


Perry County Waste Reduction & Recycling

2231 St Rt 13

New Lexington, Ohio


Household Hazardous Waste (HHW)

Environmental Enterprises Inc.

1253 Essex Ave.

Columbus, Ohio


They operate a collection facility one block south of the Ohio State Fairgrounds.
Hours of Operation:
Wednesday & Friday 12:00pm - 6:00pm
Thursday 9:00am - 5:00pm 
Residents call ahead to confirm details!

This information is for residential HHW material ONLY.


The price to drop off materials for residents of Perry County is a flat rate of $50 per car and $100 per truck (including SUVs & vans). Examples of acceptable materials are pesticides, fertilizers, solvents, thinners, paints, pool or lawn chemicals, cleaners, batteries, fire extinguishers, propane tanks, mercury, florescent bulbs, driveway sealer, gasoline (will empty & return your can), antifreeze, motor oil, and thermostats.

Just by coming to our site you have shown initiative in changing the future in recycling. We commend you for taking the first step!

Find our top ten tips on how to reduce waste and help keep our planet clean.

Other ways you can help: research ways to make your own toothpaste and biodegradable dish soap. Find sources for where to buy your everyday products that are also earth friendly.

Every little step counts.

We thank you.

how to start a recycling business.JPG


1.) Stop Using Plastic Bags Make a rule for yourself. No bags. If you forget your bag, don’t buy it, or carry your goods without one. 

2.) Set Up Your Recycling In a convenient place, Use a nice basket or bin and set it near your trash bin.  People will be more likely to ask if you can share your recycling knowledge.

3.) Compost This is the single most effective way to cut your garbage output.  Easily 25% of our waste is compostable! Go to our COMPOST Tab to learn more!

4.) Reduce & Reuse first off  Recycle everything you can! Do a bit of research to seek out alternative recyclers – PerCo Recycling cannot take everything, but they do accept 50% of our waste, easily!  Contact Perry County Recycling 740-342-7881 for other ways to reduce waste!

Mar 2021 batteries.jpg

5.) Give Up Take Out Containers Keep a couple "to go kits" in the car with the fabric bags.  If you’re buying something simple like a piece of pizza or a muffin that you’ll eat right away, just ask for it in your hand.

6.) Check the Package BEFORE you Buy It If they’re not recyclable, make a choice when we’re in the store not to buy them. 

7.) Buy Secondhand  Besides saving money, previously loved goods don’t come with packaging. Who says you need it brand new?  If it serves your purpose, why not 2nd hand?

8.) DIY (Do It Yourself)  You can make a surprising number of things yourself (and save some serious cash at the same time).  From bread to clothing to laundry soap, DIY is best!

9.) Get Educated Read about recycling and going waste-free to learn about what others are doing.  Watch The Story of Stuff , an eye opening animated, short film about the cycle of waste and consumerism.  Search the internet for information on ways to reduce your garbage.

Let businesses know how you feel Leave your packaging at the store or mail it back to the manufacturer. Writing a letter or calling a company goes a long way! 

Fun eco-tip resources

Click the button below to play an interactive game called "Garbology" and take the pledge!

Click the button below to watch a 2 minute video about how trash gets sorted!

The button below will take you to wear we gathered some of our ideals for the top ten Eco-Tips!

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