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Monday Creek Restoration Project

The Monday Creek Restoration Project is guided in its actions through these basic principles:

• Cooperation between partners to share decision-making responsibilities• Collaboration and strategic partnering toward common goals,• Agreement on research standards and open reporting of findings,• Broad based stakeholder participation,• Public accessibility to project information and our office,• Adherence to legally accepted internal control measures for book/record keeping,• And fair hiring of contractors and bidding processes.

The Monday Creek Restoration Project, using a bioregional approach, understands that all systems within the watershed are interconnected. The health of the watershed is determined by the interaction humans have with all other living things—sometimes called the “natural capital.” The social institutions and forces which humans create— our commerce, finance, education, government, transportation, health and other systems—each contribute to the health or degradation of the watershed.

We realize that restoring a watershed as greatly impacted by human use as Monday Creek cannot happen overnight. We are also becoming more aware of how both our past and present have influenced the current conditions in the watershed. It is our hope that with the attention of residents, industry, and government agencies working collaboratively, coupled with improvements in reclamation technology, we may stop the flow of polluted water in our watershed.

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